Maintenance Tips

How do I clean my bike?

What you'll need:

A bucket of water, Muc Detergent or even better Muc Off Bikewash, a brush, a cloth, chain oil and a Teflon lubricant spray.


  • Wash the bike down with a garden hose (don't use pressure cleaners)
  • Use the brush and Bikewash to clean the frame and components
  • Dry the bike off with the cloth, taking care to remove the remaining mud or dirt, a degreaser like Muc Off Brake Cleaner can be a great help with stubborn muck.
  • Oil the chain but remember less is more! Wipe off any excess oil with a cloth
  • Lubricate all moving parts like Derailleurs, etc with Teflon spray. We recommend Muc Off Cherry Bomb which you can also use to polish the frame.

We hope you enjoy looking after your ride!