Never Summer; Aura

A board for women looking for a fast, well-damped, medium-hard board. You can always rely on the aura while carving on and off the piste. Thanks to the Ripsaw profile, you also have very good edge grip on icy slopes.

details: aura

sizes: 143, 146, 148, 150, 151w, 152, 155, 157

CHF 799.00

Never Summer; Maverix

With its medium-hard flex and good damping, wide nose and narrow tail, the Maverix is the perfect board for relaxed soul carving. Powder snow turns the Maverix in to a surfboard.


sizes:  157,  163

Preis: CHF 769.00

Lib Tech, Mayhem ...Lost Rocket

Matt Biolos is the shaper behind the ..lost and ..lib surfboards, which may carry the name Mayhem. Matt has been an avid snowboarder for years and for some winter Lib Tech has been working with Matt to bring a Mayhem snowboard series into the snow. The Rocket is a clean, directional board with a classic camber shape. For riders who are looking for the perfect turn on or off piste.

details: Mayhem ...Lost Rocket

size: 157.5W



CHF 819.00

Lib Tech: Mayhem Twin Rocket

The twintip board in the Lib Tech Mayhem series. A lot of pop thanks to camber profile, carves like the Rocket, but also fakie ..

details: ...losttwinrocket

size: 159


CHF 819.00

Lib Tech; Lost colab Mayhem short fat

Jamie Lynn a Lib Tech team rider since his teenage years in the early 1990s and Matt Biolos the headshaper of "lost ..." Surfboards have developed this powder surf stick. Every little wind lip becomes a surfable wave .. The board is extremely short and wide .. the surfer in you will understand it .. a wonderful second board ..

details: mayhem short fat

size: 146UW

CHF 749.00

Lib Tech, MC step tail

Surf inspired powderboard. Short with wide nose and narrow tail perfect for carves and fat powder turns. Lip Tech's answer to the trend for short, agile  directional short board shapes. This board will give you a feeling of surfing, especially in powder. On piste an ultimate fun carver, thanks to positive camber very precise handling.

details: MC step tail

size: 153

CHF 649.00

Lib Tech, Banana Magic

The favorite board of Lib Tech's head shaper Mike Olson, has been a fixture in the lib range for several years. The tight side cut combined with a medium hard, progressive flex let the board carve very nicely. The C2 BTX hybrid rocker construction and the harmoniously tuned torsional stiffness make it the perfect freestyle board for experienced riders.

 The Banana Magic is also the perfect tool for freestyle-oriented backcountry rider!

details: Banana Magic

size: 152, 154, 157, 158W, 161, 162W


CHF 819.00; our price CHF 799.00

Lib Tech; Double Dip

The modern off-piste twintip from Lib Tech. Nose and Tail are identical and have large scoop and outline radiuses, which provides plenty of float and control for jib tricks and switch landings in powder snow. in bounds, the board carves wonderfully. Park rides .. no worries! Quiver killer!

Details: double dip

Längen: 155, 159

CHF 599.00

Lib Tech, Swiss Knife

Fredi Kalbermatten is a Lib Tech Teamrider and Saas Fee Local who rides this board. The directional camber shape brings a lot of control even at high speeds. A slightly wider nose provides good float in powder and precise carving on groomers.

Details: swiss knife

Länge: 155, 158, 161

CHF 879.00; our price: CHF 859.00

Lib Tech, Skunk Ape HP

The Skunk Ape is the absolute dreamboard for all big men and is further refined every year by lib tech's experiMENTAL division. Sturdy enough for heavy boys and so wide that no toe grinds in the snow - the best freestyle stick for those who do not fit in standard sizes. But beware: in dense forests and under the lift, you will quickly become invisible ...

Details: skunk ape

sizes: 157W, 161W, 165W, 169W, 170UW, 172

CHF 689.00

Never Summer, Women's Maverix

With its medium-hard flex, wide nose and narrow tail, the Womens Maverix is the perfect board for relaxed carving. Thanks to the good damping, the Maverix remains very manageable even at higher speeds. In powder snow it is a very surfy and playful board ..

details: women's proto type two

sizes: 145, 150

Preis; CHF 769.00

Nitro; Suprateam

The revelation of the legendary Suprateam of Nitro. Modern directional Twinshape for best freestyle performance on and off the piste. Thanks to its Nitro typical progressive sidecut very good edge grip at the end of a turn ...

details: Suprateam

sizes: 157; 161

CHF 699.00

Nitro; Überspoon

The quiverkiller from Nitro. The spoon makes your personal fun park out of the Felsental. The "Flatout" camber profile combined gives the board a great pop. But thanks to the large bending and outliner radius, the Überspoon is extremely forgiving when jibbing in deep snow.


size: 159


CHF 599.00

Nitro; Quiver Pow


Extremely wide nose and a narrow tail provide perfect float in powder. Thanks to the short, narrow Swallowtails you can easily surf through wind-pressed snow, narrow couloirs or tight tree runs.

price; CHF 599.00

Nitro; Quiver Treehugger

As with the Pow wide nose and narrow a swallowtail provide massive float in powder. The Treehugger also makes for a wide grin when carving on the slopes or in slush snow.

Längen: 149

Details: treehugger


Preis; CHF 599.00

Nitro; Quiver Squash

The squash is the carving board out of the Quiver line. Thanks to the directional shape and a progressive sidecut, the squash can be carved easily. The slight kick in the Swallowtail also allows fakie rides and landings. The narrow tail and the wide, flat nose provide great float in deep powder snow.

Details: Squash

Längen: 153; 159

price; CHF 599.00